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All you need to know about ATS

All you need to know about ATS

Application Tracking System is a central repository that saves the resumes and applications and automates the entire hiring process. ATS facilitates managing every stage of the recruiting process. Starting from application to hire, the ATS keeps track of all the activities of the recruitment team.


So, why do you need an ATS?


The cost of the traditional hiring method is the crucial factor to consider and opt for an automated system that eases efforts and saves cost.


Let’s explore the other benefits of having an ATS in your organization.


Increase in productivity


A good ATS can enhance your entire staffing operation and deliver results and boost productivity, efficiency, and profitability. When ATS is implemented, the recruiter’s productivity can be increased along with saving time, providing structure for the staffing operations.


Better candidate experience


From scheduling the interviews to offer roll-out, ATS tracks and provides stage-by-stage information to the candidate. Some organizations also send text messages via ATS to the candidates. Thereby, candidates have better overall experience with the organization even before they associate formally. Moreover, candidates are not kept in the dark and they are fully aware of the hiring status.


Ease to access


ATS makes recruiters' life easy. They have access to multiple job boards and can manage all prospective candidates’ applications from a centralized location. ATS facilitates storing and managing of resumes and applications.


Attracts Candidates


An organization that follows a streamlined process and is transparent attracts quality candidates. The organization with ATS enables effective processes that will churn out great hiring results.


Integrates with laws


With ATS it is easier to comply with laws related to recruitment. The do’s and don’ts with the recruitment process is already in place, so it is easier for the hiring team to just abide by it. When the organization is complying with the legal terms, it builds positive relationships with both clients and candidates.


We know the benefits of having an ATS, now, do you want to know how to select the best ATS?


Even for the most tech-savvy recruiter, selecting the ATS can be mind-boggling. If you are selecting an ATS for your organization or for any of your clients, ensure that you don’t spend your time and money on some unworthy ATS software.


Before choosing the ATS, you need to look into these aspects.


Map your workflow to solutions


Remember, every business is different and unique. The ATS should also be unique and tailor-made to suit your business needs. Take time to do thorough research and compare ATS products of different vendors. Sign-up for demo tests and select the best suited ATS after analyzing multiple products and reading product reviews.


Adopt budget-friendly software


You need to invest in software that is within your budget. Know what you need in your ATS, don’t go for high-end software just because it looks attractive. Based on your requirements and cost, select the ATS that suffice your needs. Check the number of licenses available for the cost you pay for the software. The number of job postings and candidate details are the critical factors that should determine your decision to invest in the ATS software.


Assess Software


Even when there are many options laid before you to select the ATS, always be mindful that not all ATS software offers what it promises. Many ATS companies claim that their ATS software is custom-made and easy to use, but it is never the case. So before investing, analyze the pros and cons and understand if the ATS you finalize is providing the solutions to your hiring hassles. Use the free trials offered by the vendor and then come to a consensus as to what software is ideal for your organization.


Going Mobile


All the facilities are handy within the palm of your hands. When that is the case, your ATS should also be mobile-friendly. Mobile recruitment helps you to be at work, even when you are away from your desk. Ensure your ATS has a mobile version, using which you can post jobs and connect with candidates anytime, anywhere.


Data Security


Most of the vendors provide cloud-based ATS software. Though they would have built the software pertaining to security measures, it is your duty to ensure the data you feed in the ATS is secure in the cloud. The ATS you choose should comply with the privacy policy framework and safeguard your organization and candidates' private and sensitive data. It is advisable to encrypt your data using SSL or similar technology.


We have listed all that we know about ATS, it’s your time to pick and choose what is best for your organization. Ripplehire knows the art of keeping all the records in a centralized repository. So, reach out to us and we’ll transform your organization’s onward journey.

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