How to craft a compelling employee referral newsletter?

How to craft a compelling employee referral newsletter?

Wondering, what’s the buzz about referral newsletters? Are you curious to know everything about creating a winning referral newsletter? Then let’s get started. 

Talent acquisition professionals are hardly credited for their jobs. They change organization's trajectories by hiring great talent. And they do so with minimal fuss. Neither seeking credit nor prominence. 


A tool like an employee referral newsletter can speak volumes of their job while being an engagement tool to stay connected with your employees. It can also be an active channel for recruiters to get their words out.  Yes! You heard it right. 


So, what’s special about these referral newsletters?


Most of the organizations send email newsletters and the best part is it reaches faster and is read by many employees. It is that ‘one mode’ which can create an impact when handled well. You can use the referral newsletter to encourage and recognize your employees who bring in quality referrals on board.




Referral newsletters can instill passion and trigger emotions. For example, feature employee’s accomplishments like a referrer leaderboard. Add information on how their contribution has impacted the organization as a whole. Such information will motivate your employees and improve productivity at large.


What are the components of an effective referral newsletter?


Here’s a compilation of components for you to create a killer referral newsletter.


Leadership Speak


Bring in the perspective of your leaders. Have a fireside chat with them and ask them to set the expectation for referrals right through these chats. So that employees are aligned towards the goals of the program.


Create a visual impact


Your referral newsletters should look pleasing to the eyes and convincing to the minds. The referral post should have relevant images and apt content that immediately grabs the attention of the employees. Seeing the appealing newsletter, they should refer their friends for the open position right away.


Call for action


Leverage digital. The newsletter should have a definite call for action and make the employees actively respond and participate in referrals, with just a click of a button. These calls to action will trigger the employees to contribute more towards the referral program.


Blow the horn


After successful onboarding, you can include snippets about the top referrer and top recruiters of the month. You can also include how much employees contributed towards quality hiring. When this information is fed on a regular basis in the newsletter, you can track the referrals for over a period of time and proudly acclaim the top recruiters and top referrers.


Spread the word


You can fervently bring in more employees to participate in the referral programs by only posting employee referral testimonies. The experience of employees referring their friends and being able to see and track the status of their buddies in the referral tool is a gainer. The satisfaction to see a friend work along or join a team within the organization is a real reward to an employee. Make it a practice to share employee testimonies and encourage all the employees to refer and enjoy the rewards.


Make great announcements


Announce cash rewards for referrals. Be rest assured that commercial benefits will attract more referrals. Never fail to mention a double referral bonus for a 'hard to find' talent. Introduce a referral bonus during festive seasons and a special referral bonus for the right talent connect. Occasional and timely advertisements of referral bonuses in the newsletters will gain the employees' attention.


Introduce contests and sweepstakes


Contests connected to referral programs can be conducted and winners can be announced in the referral newsletter. Even a game of luck can be introduced where top referrers and recruiters will be selected randomly and rewarded on the spot. These types of contests and lucky draws will create a thrill amidst employees and make them participate in the referrals just for the heck of winning.


Referral newsletters have incredible power to conduce best hiring results. All that you have to do is prepare a well-customized newsletter to announce what exactly you are looking for in referrals.


If you want to share your experience of creating a winning referral newsletter, this space is yours.


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