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Do it Your Way —Employee Engagement Initiatives

Do it Your Way —Employee Engagement Initiatives

Now that employees are aware of the referral program in your organization. What’s the next best thing you can do to facilitate referrals? How do you engage employees to refer?


Here are a few quick employee engagement tips that will make your referral program more stronger and productive. 


Communication is the key


Sharing your requirements with the right people to attain the actual results is the secret formula of success in any field. When recruitment breathes this formula what less can you expect? The recruiters channel their communication to yield fantabulous results. When a job description for a Vice President’s role is circulated among employees via referral programs, they ensure it reaches employees at the VP level, so they get referrals of VP friends working in other organizations who are looking for a change or a person suitable for VP candidature is referred through the right contact. It is as simple as that, a VP will know people with similar years of experience and expertise, just like how a techie knows a techie. Go with the flow, target the right employees for the right roles and approach using the right channel to achieve excellent referral outcomes.


Motivation is magic


Who will not like rewards, cash prizes, lunch outs, paid holidays, appreciations, and applause? From a smiley sticker on your cubicle to a coffee mug, or lunch with the CEO to dinner coupons for family, everything will attract employees to do something more in favor of their workplace which is treating them so well. Different types of employees will react and tend towards certain ways of motivation. Some are in awe about anything they receive, cash, gifts – big or small, it will make them feel really valued. Whereas some employees will enjoy the sense of accomplishment by doing something, just like referring a friend, that will give them immense satisfaction and utmost happiness. For some, extrinsic rewards equal intrinsic motivation, and works like charm. Knowing the ways of employees, organizations should use both intrinsic and extrinsic factors to motivate their employees and aid their referral programs.  




Ease of referrals


The easy route is the best route to follow, isn’t it? Otherwise, you may have to go the roundabout way, and the results are also going to be long-winding. If you have simple referral tools to refer a friend, nothing like it. When you set up a referral portal or share referral links on any social media platforms ensure the referral is submitted in two clicks. This will save a lot of time and effort for anyone who hates any long ordeal. The smarter way is to have an intuitive referral system in place.


Walk-in drives and kiosks


Creating awareness is vital for any referral programs,walk-in drives and kiosks not only raise awareness but also serve as employee engagement initiatives. Employees can walk to these kiosks and refer their friends on the spot. The walk-in drives with experienced recruiters are handy to provide information on the referral program, eligibility, and processes following the referral. The expert team will be able to answer contextually relevant queries raised by the employees and enable them to act with immediate effect. ‘Refer a friend’ booth in the workplace is another well-turned-out approach that constantly keeps the employees on the buzz about referrals and can surely fetch more referrals. It is important to run periodic walk-in drives and special campaigns to generate referrals for diverse candidates.




Career fair and referral competitions


Many organizations are conducting internal career fairs off late and attracting hard-to-find talent in a jiff. In career fairs, you can conduct games or contests by asking them to think of a name that flashes across their mind for outstanding work ethic or commitment and give away prizes for the best answers. On similar lines, you can conduct referral competitions to attract more referrals month on month. The winners of these competitions can receive both cash and non-cash prizes. Winning movie tickets or a family dinner can attract more employees to take part in the referral contests. Run at least two referral contests every year with newer themes to bring your workforce together. Competitions and career fairs can create larger than life experience while engaging employees in referral activities. Read the blog on employee referral contests to come up with your own game plan.


Are you thinking of any other employee engagement initiatives? If yes, share them with us.


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