RippleHire’s Rebranding Journey: From Employee Referrals to Referrals + Talent Acquisition Cloud

RippleHire’s Rebranding Journey: From Employee Referrals to Referrals + Talent Acquisition Cloud

Don’t be stupid. Don’t change. You are who you are for a reason.” When a friend passionately uttered these words on a zoom call, I paused. I took a sip of chai and stared into the oblivion. Friends with good intentions often tell you just like you need to hear it.

RippleHire has created a category of referrals in the country. You have a deep product, expertise, and deliver success. I mean, people recommend you for it. Why would you want to change?....” I zoned out again in introspection.

He is right. We are incredibly fortunate to be solving the referral problem.

Recruiting key talent is the No 1 business challenge facing any CEO. Top talent helps companies make a greater impact on the economy. Every good employee hired helps a company reap a significant impact.

Employee referral is the best channel to hire top talent on time. The talent that is both excited to join and stay. And, we built a deep product in referrals. And, it pays off for itself because it is a cost-effective channel.

“Sudarsan, you there? Listen, think about it man. Think before you leap. Think about why”

I thanked him for his guidance and spent the night thinking about “Why”. And, I kept coming back to one thing. 8 years of serving one user community and you realise one thing.

Recruiters are superheroes. Recruiters help people land their first job. They help candidates progress in life with fulfilling careers. Recruiters change organization trajectories by hiring great talent. And, they do so with minimal fuss. Neither seeking credit nor prominence. They are silent warriors who spend every day improving lives, making the world a better place. One offer at a time.

But, recruiters are in pain. Every day. Over the past few years, we have seen first hand the challenges they face with technology. We realise that in organizations large and small, the recruiting technology made for them is actually used by the auditor. Candidates who are going to be offered are entered into the system and that is followed by a series of simulations or checks so all steps are complete. Bereft of data or support, the ATS becomes one more task for the recruiter and TA leadership. It is 2020. Our enterprises are stuck buying software made in Europe or US when recruiting in India is a world apart. It is unbearable and it does not need to be this way.


And, we have been quietly working away on this problem for five years now. Five years of working with marquee customers with a singular goal to delight the end-user. Obsessed with depth. Obsessed with improvements.


Our referral product is known for its innovation. Now, our talent acquisition cloud has depth too. The depth that sees us recommended in WhatsApp groups. The depth that helps us compete with global giants and win. The depth that helps customers trust us with their entire hiring engine, globally.
Here was our old identity. Our old logo.




Our old logo was prominent because we focussed on one user. The employee. For a referral system, the referrer is the hero. But, in any recruiting ecosystem, the entire company is involved.


 Our talent acquisition cloud caters to four user types in an organization


1) Employees

    Referrers, Hiring managers, Business Leaders, Interviewers


2) Recruiters 

    HR/TA leadership, Managers, Sourcers, Recruiters


3) Candidate ecosystem 

    One of the key customers for the TA fraternity


4) Vendor partner ecosystem

    Vendors, BGV folks, Assessment partners


 Introducing our new logo



Our new logo with an embedded flywheel caters to all four user types. Each drop reflects a user group and our commitment to excellence for them. What does a flywheel do? It ensures smooth delivery of power from a motor to a machine.




In Talent acquisition, ‘To create a lasting impact, all these four user groups will have to move in a synchronized manner.’ The better they move in tandem, the larger will be the impact on speed, quality, success. And, that is the philosophy behind who we are and our products. We help you create powerful flywheels delivering a powerful hiring engine.


So, yes, we have a new identity. We have a new normal too. A new normal in which we can solve your referral problem well AND alleviate pain for your entire recruiting fraternity.


How you do anything is how you do everything” - Unknown.


If you have loved our referral product, you will love our talent acquisition cloud too. And, we will keep innovating on both, in the years to come. You have been kind enough to recommend us on WhatsApp groups for both products. Thank you, we are grateful for that.


A look back at how it all started: Our Journey from 2012 


Our Journey: 




Happy birthday to my team at RippleHire. We are 8 now. We have a new and fresh identity. It is a fresh start full of hope, vibrance, and joy. Time to earn trust all over again. Trust through successful outcomes with a big scoop of passion and a whole lot of goodness.


A famous African proverb says - It takes a village to raise a child. Big gratitude to the entire HR ecosystem for raising RippleHire. You have shaped RippleHire by your wisdom, built it by your suggestions, comforted by your love, corrected by your feedback. You have achieved delightful outcomes by using our products well but more so, advocated for us on WhatsApp groups to friends and colleagues.


So, to our HR ecosystem and half a million-plus users in 25 countries, we bow in gratitude. We request you to join us as we celebrate a new identity, a new look for the company WE built together, RippleHire.


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