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Integrate Social Distribution into Your Employee Referral Process

Integrate Social Distribution into Your Employee Referral Process

Want to be successful at finding and hiring the right talents for your team? Do you feel the top talent can be amongst the passive candidates? How do you reach the passive candidates?


Let’s find ways to reach 70% of the global workforce comprising of the passive talent, who are not actively searching for jobs.


Embrace social media platforms

A study from the Aberdeen Group revealed that 73% of millennials found their last position through a social media site.  WhatsApp is the biggest job board with all talent being there, followed by Email and LinkedIn. Channels like WeChat, Line, Kakao Talk also rule the roost globally. 


Join the bandwagon, follow the professional recruiters, and invest more time and effort on social media for more employee referrals. You can increase your talent pool through your employee networks available in these social media forums.


Build brands to attract talents


You must build brands where people exist. The most effective talent branding tools as of today are WhatsApp and LinkedIn. You can also use Facebook and Twitter to build brands. Branding is important because the best and smartest will come work with you only after knowing and trusting your brand. A candidate who is following you via LinkedIn has more chances to accept your job offer than a candidate who has never heard about your company or seen your brand. Understand, branding not only convinces the talent to follow your company’s page but also enables them to accept your job offers and join your workforce.


Branding can also happen through referral programs on a large scale. Whenever employees refer, they are in turn advocating for their company. They are sending positive signals to their network that their company is a good place to work and friends can join them.


Access candidates in one-click


Nowadays employees are more connected on social media and you can avail this network for quality hiring. Invest in the automation processes, such as smart matching or smart job-sharing where your employees can find niche skills from their network for hard-to-fill positions. When employees are already a part of different communities, job sharing in just one click on social channels will facilitate employees to advocate for your roles on social media. 


It is important to identify where your employees’ communities exist. Leverage referrals and make them easily accessible for you. Be watchful and connect with marketers on Facebook and Twitter groups, techies on Stackoverflow and WhatsApp groups, and niche skillsets on Twitter and LinkedIn. Channel your employees to refer their friends for the job opening from their social media communities.


If you are looking to improve your social distribution for referrals' sake, Ripplehire will be a perfect talent branding partner. At Ripplehire, we provide custom-made solutions for both employer brands who have already left footprints in the job market or start-ups who are craving to create an employer brand for themselves to attract great talents. Choose Ripplehire social sourcing solution and reach out to passive candidates by building a career presence on social media platforms.


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