The Ripples we create…touching 800k+ users across 35 countries

The Ripples we create…touching 800k+ users across 35 countries

RippleHire exists to make recruiting effortless, human, and delightful. Since 2012, we have served over 800K+ users across 35 countries with our gamified referral and talent acquisition cloud platform. Our strength is in servicing large enterprises with a distributed workforce. At the core of our offerings lies the ability to marry user experience with customer-centricity while being laser-focused on helping customers succeed. Learn more about how we help customers impact their organizations here.



Our journey through 9 years has been challenging and exhilarating – full of the regular highs and lows that every entrepreneurial journey has, along with the crazy experiences and insights that come with building a global company.




Over the years our customers continue to bring laurels from all across winning national and international awards including the prestigious Brandon Hall Awards. Not once or twice but THRICE. Gold medal each time - for demonstrating significant top-line impact, for an amazing retention strategy, and delivering a super offer to joining ratios.


Leaders in Employee Referrals


Recruiting is a noble profession given the profound impact it has on mankind. People spend one-third of their lives and derive a lot of fulfillment from their careers. As a progressive technology provider RippleHire helps CXO’s, HR, and Talent Acquisition leaders impact the top line, bottom line with their hiring solutions. Through RippleHire Referrals, We help organizations attract talent that is excited to join and stay.


Employee referrals drive two key factors - Productivity and Retention. Productivity, because the quality of hire in employee referrals results in 32 percent more productivity than any other hiring source or channel. Retention, because employees who refer and are referred tend to stay longer in an organisation, resulting in low attrition.


From a position where it was initially tough for us to go after brands like Adobe, McAfee, Capgemini, convincing them to be our initial customers to becoming their preferred partners and owning the employee referral products space, we have come a very long way. A journey which would not have been possible without the support of our customers and workforce.




Learn more about our Referrals product and the impact it has created here.


Expanding the Horizon: Referrals + Talent Acquisition Cloud


Over the years, we have seen the hassles recruiters face with technology. The existing recruiting technology made for them is actually used by the auditor. Candidates who are going to be offered are entered into the system and that is followed by a series of simulations or checks so all steps are complete. Bereft of data or support, the ATS becomes one more task for the recruiter and TA leadership. Our enterprises are stuck buying software made in Europe or US when recruiting in India is a world apart. It is unbearable and it does not need to be this way.


We have been quietly working away on this problem for five years now. Five years of working with marquee customers with a singular goal to delight the end-user. Obsessed with depth. Obsessed with improvements.


Our referral product is known for its innovation. Our talent acquisition cloud has depth too. The depth that sees us recommended in WhatsApp groups. The depth that helps us compete with global giants and win. The depth that helps customers trust us with their entire hiring engine, globally.


Our talent acquisition cloud caters to four user types in an organization




1) Employees

    Referrers, Hiring managers, Business Leaders, Interviewers


2) Recruiters

    HR/TA leadership, Managers, Sourcers, Recruiters


3) Candidate ecosystem

    One of the key customers for the TA fraternity

4) Vendor partner ecosystem

     Vendors, BGV folks, Assessment partners


Have you ever thrown a stone or pebble into a pond? 


As the stone kisses the surface of the water and slides through creates a ripple at the point of impact which kind of moves out in a circle touching everything in its path. It gently lifts the flower, small boats that come on their way before reaching the shore. There is something very calming about the ripple. It’s both chaos and impact in all directions.


RippleHire does the same. We will keep innovating to make recruiting delightful, human, and effortless.


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