Our customer represents the research wing of one of the top three global players in retail and e-commerce. Here, business means agility and innovation is the new ‘business as usual’. The demand for top notch technical professionals is always high. The talent acquisition team is more agile than ever in its strategy to narrow down the demand-supply gap.



Until sometime ago, talent acquisition team was typically challenged both in terms of time and resources when it came to hiring. Employee referral wasn’t fetching results as the team had to spend many hours structuring, refining and organizing the profiles shared via mailbox.

  • More time and energy spent clearing the pool of profiles received by mail with manual duplication checks
  • Poor employee engagement with zero visibility on status and rewards
  • High ratio of non-relevant profiles
  • Resolving source credit issues
  • Lack of data and insights on cost per hire, offer to joining ratio etc



RippleHire has an employee centric approach to the referral process which addressed many of the challenges out of the box. To make the process seamless for recruiters, the referral platform was integrated with the client’s ATS. This four week process made it easy for recruiters to stay in their source system and accelerate the hiring process. Also, the integrated solution ensured that duplication check was done on profiles before they were submitted.

Transparency was one of the core values of the customer. RH’s intuitive UI and the gamified environment of the platform provided the much needed transparency to the referral contributions. The enhanced employee experience and allowed them to share jobs over social media sites like WhatsApp, LinkedIn and Facebook. The platform allowed candidates to apply only for the desired job or pick an alternate job thus reducing the number of irrelevant profiles.

The customer teams rightly saw WhatsApp as a medium to access passive talent. Given the high calibre of talent they had built up in the organization, penetrating their associate WhatsApp groups gave them the ability to reach niche skilled groups. Having the associate recommend roles at the organization acted as “Word of Mouth” marketing and helped them portray themselves as a brand of choice.



Contribution to source mix

Number of irrelevant profiles went down by 50%, saving time & efforts of the hiring team helping them catapult referrals to 35% of source mix


Of total referrals came through social media

Employees become brand ambassadors by sharing job on their personal timelines/ channels


Of total employees participated in the referral program

Gamification of the entire process and its transparency created a vibrant referral program


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