Hexaware is the fastest growing next-generation provider of IT, BPO and consulting services. They focus on taking a leadership position in helping their clients attain customer intimacy as their competitive advantage. Their digital offerings have helped clients achieve operational excellence and customer delight by ‘Powering Man-Machine Collaboration.’

To further maintain its leadership position, Hexaware was keen on attracting and retaining the top technology talent in the industry. They wanted to leverage the power of social (media )hiring to reach out to the passive talent, impacting topline directly.

However, hiring for IT services is a daunting task. With the changing landscape of skill combinations and the scarcity of top talent on portals, Hexaware team was tasked to think proactively. Given their focus on hiring quality passive talent, employee referrals was the clear option. However, in execution, they were challenged with quite a few things on the referral channel.

  • Constantly motivating employees to identify quality talent
  • Creating awareness about the opportunity available at various geographies to the employee base (often in ODC’s, client locations)
  • With the entire referral system run on a mailbox, the talent acquisition team was overburdened with
    • Figuring out roles for applications
    • Filtering relevant profiles
    • Updating employees on the status of candidates
    • Figuring out duplication and source credits to avoid governance and double pay out issues



RippleHire helps us introduce innovation to our workforce. We have automated the employee referral with employees able to refer candidates across geographies. Our employees are our global ambassadors advocating Hexaware and bringing high quality talent to our doorstep. We have raised our brand awareness socially & reached out to over 87K+ passive candidates within 6 months.

Senthil Nayagam,
Head of Revenue Assurance & Chief Learning Officer


Leveraging Employee Strength

After many rounds of reviews and due diligence, Hexaware collaborated with RippleHire and integrated the referral platform with its ATS. RippleHire complemented their ATS by providing a marketing engine for employee referrals. Both the teams worked together on an COE model and the platform was launched simultaneously in 25+ countries distributed across 3 continents.

Hexaware ran a double incentive reward scheme in the 1st quarter of its launch to drive participation. The centralised system helped them to leverage its employee base by creating awareness about job opportunities with the right folks. Furthermore, the 2 click referral process allowed employees to quickly share & publish jobs via social media penetrating networks where passive talent existed. Using RippleHire, employees were now able to track the status of their referred candidates. Additionally, an email was also triggered to update closure of the job for which they had a referral, assuring constant engagement and full transparency. Daily emails were sent to recruiters of the talent applications for their roles for faster processing of referrals. The resulting transparency motivated employees to refer and bring in quality talent.

The employees turned out to be ambassadors, elevating the brand of Hexaware across various social networks. An email was sent fortnightly to the new joiners from Senthil Nayagam, the head of revenue assurance talking about the company's unique employee referral program. Hexaware believes each employee wearing the recruitment hat is invaluable, bringing in quality talent that is excited to join and stay. This contributes directly to the top line.



Junk reduction


Improvement in employee NPS in 30 days

408 Hrs

Of efforts reduced OR 57% Monthly effort reduced


Passive candidates reached on WhatsApp and social media

66.54 Lakhs

Advertising cost saved through employee advocacy


Improvement in offer to join conversion


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