In the business world, innovation is characterized by new, improved, advanced and often the fulfillment of unmet needs – all with the goal of financial reward for the innovators and the ousting of competitors.

Our customer is an integrated global pharmaceutical and Life sciences company. They have a team of around 8,000 multicultural people across the globe. They deliver value to their customers across 100+ countries.



For the Healthcare & Life sciences industry, innovation is much more than a way to gain an advantage over competitors. It is a core competency that drives the goals of extending & improving patients’ lives through the development of solutions to a spectrum of medical challenges. A true innovation in life sciences can lead to ground-breaking developments. Thus, a high performing employee is the most valuable resource. Quality hiring is imperative to improve the organization. However, quality talent and top performers are always passive. They are often not found on job sites nor do they focus on social channels for jobs.

The challenges in front of our customer were multifold

  • Recruit niche & quality talent with advanced degrees
  • Cost of hiring through vendors was inflating especially for niche positions
  • Lack of centralised referral system
    • to capture/verify incoming profiles
    • To market the open positions to employees in remote locations
    • Provide real-time data for the distributed workforce


We are focussed on hiring quality talent so we can make a long term contribution to the organization. Referral is the strongest channel for hiring quality talent where top talent is primarily passive. RippleHire has helped us drive innovation and deliver a great experience to our workforce. Their intuitive platform helps our employees reach 6.4L potential prospects through our employee recommendations on social and micro-social media.

Talent Acquisition Head



Finally, the client approached Ripplehire, a cloud-based employee referral platform to strengthen and redefine its referral process. They strongly believed that employees advocating jobs in their networks is the best word of mouth marketing for their brand.

They collaborated with team RippleHire to identify the gaps. . The objective of having a central referral system was further broadened to engage with employees working across remote locations regularly. RippleHire’s simple yet intuitive UI encouraged their employees to use the system with much ease from the comfort of their homes through mobile, laptop or a tab.

Through the new portal employees shared open job opportunities via social network with their friends from past organisations, or college mates, thus voicing for their own brand. This created a greater impact, the customers were able to identify niche skill sets and fill senior management positions as well.



Junk reduction

6.4 lakhs

Brand views on WhatsApp & other social media


Employee participation


Closed niche and senior management roles through employee referral


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