Mphasis is one of the top ten IT and ITeS services providers established in the year 2000. Headquartered in Bengaluru, India, the company has an employee base of more than 27,000 across 25+ countries in the world. Since inception, the company has been on a stellar growth trajectory and has witnessed multiple client and business acquisitions. The significant increase in hiring opportunities leads the TAG (Talent Acquisition Group) team to focus on implementing growth strategies through tool-driven interventions.



Hiring for IT services is increasingly complex, thanks to the number of skill combinations required for a job.

The talent acquisition teams have had to adapt from hiring many people for few skills to hiring a few people for many skill combinations. In addition, top-quality talent always has a slew of offers. As a result, the problem of getting the right talent at the right time is more acute than before. Whether it’s last-minute joining no show or difficulty in locating talent, the negative impact on billing or revenue is inevitable.

Focussing on those who have the talent and are actively exploring opportunities, chances are high that they have one more offer in hand. Getting such candidates onboarded has generally been a significant hit on the cost per hire.

The Talent Acquisition Group (TAG) at Mphasis wanted to clearly

  • Impact top line with fast, quality hires
  • At the same time they were exploring options to solve for the cost per hire problem too



We have been using RippleHire for four years now. Intuitive UI, access to real time status updates keep employees engaged with the referral program. It’s wonderful to have a platform that enables job sharing over social media by our brand ambassadors – Our Employees. We have successfully married CSR, IPL with referrals and are today running a vibrant referral brand – iRefer that is contributing significantly to our hiring outcomes.

Namitha Manjunath,
Manager - Referral Program and Digital Branding, Mphasis



In a bid to solve the trifecta of quality, speed and cost, they turned to Employee Referrals. Their previous program was plagued with poor employee engagement, inconsistent status updates, high dependency on a mailbox as well as making the referral outcomes consistently poor.

The team outlined three specific asks:

  • They needed a system where employees would refer candidates for specific positions. This meant that the onus would shift from a recruiter to find the right role to a candidate who would pick a role of their choice
  • A transparent central hub through which employees could track the status of their referrals
  • A system that would unlock the social potential of its employee workforce.

RippleHire’s intuitive UI ensured quick user onboarding and provided transparency amongst the stakeholders involved. Employees consistently rated their experience with the referral platform as 8 /10. Intelligent employee involvement eliminated the need for intervention of recruiters, thereby saving significant time and effort.

The TAG team was convinced of the opportunity to alter the source mix by improving their referral source contributions.

Having a large workforce creates the right environment to source talent at a higher speed and lower cost than vendors thereby impacting both revenue and cost per hire. The TAG team wanted its employees to bat for the right talent and came up with an innovative IPL style referral campaign. This has become an annual mela with employees competing with their peers across geos to deliver top-quality talent.. Top quality talent converts interviews faster as well. By leveraging their workforce smartly, Mphasis was able to better its joining ratio’s up to 12%

The high employee engagement led to some of the business units achieving more than 35% of their total onboarding through employee referrals. Overall, this helped them save on vendor spends and accumulated to a million dollars in savings globally. Additionally, their business trajectory continues to maintain a high growth given the top quality of talent added over the past three years.



Growth in employee participation

They focussed heavily on the input metric of increasing employee awareness/engagement leading to better results.

4 Days

Improvement in time to fill by faster onboarding as compared to other sources

Each day of joining has a direct impact on revenue generated


Cost reduction per hire impacted the bottom line

Reviewing analytics and optimising source mix drove cost benefits.


Increase in referral contribution to source mix

Better tracking of profiles, system triggered mailers, bulk action on resumes freed recruiters’ bandwidth and enabled them to process more profiles

Married referral program with Contests & CSR

They rewarded their top contributors by making them ambassadors of their CSR program


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