Operating across dynamic industries such as electronics, biosciences, transportation and safety requires DuPont to attract different types of candidates into the business. It was essential for the human capital team to not just build a strong employer brand but also define DuPont’s messaging to candidates as well as communicate it in the most effective way.


Redefining Referrals

The DuPont team believed and saw referrals as one of the best sources of hiring. They had very good policies and have invested well in overall employee growth and experience. Yet, the recruiting team was struggling to either drive quantity or improve quality of the referrals. With the referral program running on a mailbox, there was a dearth for real time data to submit or track referrals, leaving them in the dark on factors to improve to drive better outcomes.

Given the challenges of their large employee base spread across 70+ countries, we realised that improving following metrics would be the best way to impact bottomline.

  • Improve employee engagement ratio
  • Attract high quality talent in short time
  • Reduce joining no shows



Within the first quarter itself, RippleHire helped us grow our referral contribution by 150%. Our offer-to-joining ratio through the referral channel has never been better

Shuilu Dar,
Talent Acquisition Leader – South Asia, DuPont India


Impacting Bottom Line

Given that referrals have historically given us high quality hires at speed that stay, it made sense for us to explore and improve this channel. We went about investigating the options to improve the referral program at DuPont.

 They went live with the RippleHire (RH) platform, a cloud based referral platform that engages employees through gamification, in one of their offices with a 1000+ employee base. While we worked synchronously to launch “Refer n:ow”, kept our focus on metrics and went creative by introducing a slew of competition amongst employees.

The entire employees were divided into two teams to create a competitive atmosphere thereby increasing the engagement ratio. As a result, the teams generated more than 200 profiles within 24 hours of launch. Top 3 employees were recognised and rewarded for maximum participation.

RippleHire’s cloud-based referral platform made it easy for the recruiters to post jobs and view candidate records from a centralized location. Employees could track the progress of their referrals, leading to enhanced employee experience.This drove a rapid surge, referrals now contributing to almost 50% of the source mix impacting the bottom line.



Of employees participated in the program


Improved by NPS in 45 days


Junk reduction


Conversion from offer to joining


Increase in referral hiring within first quarter


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