Our customer is a leading independent service provider in the areas of tax, audit and advisory. They have over 5.45 Bn USD in revenues with 4,000 professional staff across 15 offices servicing clients. The firm provides robust compliance services and growth navigation solutions on complex business and financial matters through focused practice groups. With shorter decision-making chains, recruiting more senior personnel and high quality client servicing professionals was mission critical for the organisation.



Initially, the hiring team was receiving profiles via a mailbox. The approach was fine when the employee base was small. With expansion, this approach had major implications on the entire recruiting process and more so on their delivery to business. Their ability to build, reuse profiles, track and deliver consistent outcomes to business was constantly challenged.

In the existing setup, tracking of profiles was a nightmare. The increased volume of submission was infested with issues of duplication and source credit. This naturally meant additional time being invested by recruiters in identifying the correct source. So, the lack of trust prevailed for both external partners (recruitment agencies) and in the internal employee referral program.

Preparing MIS status updates for team meetings, delivery meets, leadership calls were time consuming. Job status, candidates stages, offers, hires – had to be updated manually which was prone to errors. The accuracy of data was always questioned.

Overall, these concerns resulted in frequent escalations leading to email wars and wastage of recruitment time. This meant that the recruitment team constantly felt hampered in their bid to scale their efforts on hiring quality candidates at a rapid pace.



The team picked RippleHire for their intuitive platform and depth of functionality in each module. The platform enabled the recruiters to save and track all profiles in a centralized location. Also, the solution ensured that duplication checks were done on profiles before they were submitted. Having a strong duplication check reduced governance risks.

Quick access to job and candidate attributes helped the recruitment team to pull up necessary data for insights seamlessly. Significant recruiter buy-in, good implementation design and detailed training helped the team to go live in less than 3 weeks. They leveraged the hiring manager module from RippleHire enabling them to provide a single window experience to their primary stakeholders from demand creation to candidate funnels.

A separate vendor portal for external hiring partners enabled them to submit profiles and track their status real time. Support for multi login enabled partners’ sourcing teams to collaborate. At the other end, the Talent Acquisition team were able to drive their partners to focus on quality profile submissions by introducing throttle limits. This meant restriction to submit 5 good profiles for a niche role and flexibility to submit 50 for a vanilla skill to support a weekend drive.

Job posting and communication for employee referrals became easy with automated weekly mailers. Gamified employee referral portal enabled the employees to view jobs, refer their buddies and earn some karma/recognition. Also, the referral status could be tracked in real time making the process transparent enabling trust in the program.

With the adoption of the system, the reporting and MIS is now available in the system enabling time for the recruitment team to focus on delivering a premium candidate experience.



RippleHire has helped us in streamlining the recruitment process. The platform is user friendly for both employees and recruiters. It is intuitive and my new team members are able to effortlessly adopt the product too. My best wishes to the RippleHire team for their continued effort to keep the product aligned with the evolving recruitment dynamics.

Rakesh Jain,
Head - Talent Acquisition



Our association has been more than 3 years old and it has gone from strength to strength. We have been delivering various enhancements and modules in a phased manner which ensures that the recruiters do not get overwhelmed with a big list of changes at one go.


Man-hours saved monthly through automation

Saving of recruiters’ time and effort through auto duplication checks, system generated mailers, real time reports and dashboard to track progress. This enabled recruiters to deliver a premium experience for quality hiring.

Implemented the manpower requisition module

Approval framework enabled TA teams to work on approved requisitions. The ability of a hiring manager to raise a request and track progress until closure enabled faster collaborative hiring of quality talent. This reduced escalations driving better recruiting alignment and outcomes.

300 %

Increase of profiles through employee referral

Ease of referring buddies and ability to track progress real-time established the trust on the effectiveness of the Referral program


Ability to view insights and update interview feedback

Mobile friendly experience and interaction of delivery managers with the recruitment team


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