"It is 2022. ATS’s are still broken. ATS were initially designed to be a digital file cabinet. To help you stop collecting papers. Have one system of record. In 30 years, they still do just that. Disappointingly. TA has evolved. But, our systems remain the same. Clunky. Opened only for giving offers. For defending work in audits.


It is 2022. Things should not be this way. We reimagined your experience by keeping the recruiter in the center. We provide a talent acquisition cloud that is usable, innovative and powerful. You are freed up to do what you do best. Transform organization trajectories. Help people lead fulfilling lives. Make the world a happier place. One offer at a time."


Sudarsan Ravi, Founder & CEO, RippleHire

Deliver strategic outcomes with delight.

For great strategic outcomes, the left brain and right brain need to work in tandem. With RippleHire, combine creative experiences with data driven insights. Marry usability with control. Move from conflict to collaboration. Navigate leadership asks and end user experience.

In short, you can have your cake. And, eat it too.

Our Customers Win Gold

Mphasis transformed their talent acquisition engine in 25 countries using RippleHire. Their strategic resourcing group delivered top line impact through speedy, high quality hires at scale. They saved a million dollars in recruiting spend while building a strong employer brand where passive talent exists. It is a fascinating story.

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Progressive customers. Powerful transformation.

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About us

RippleHire is an award winning cloud based hiring platform. We exist to make recruiting effortless, human and delightful. We work with leaders like you to impact top line, bottom line through progressive hiring solutions. We help 500K+ employee base companies hire top talent and improve the maturity of their recruiting practices.


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Secure & Compliant

No awkward transitions. Only smooth integrations with all leading enterprise systems.