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From one Gold award in 2020 to two Gold awards in 2021: Soaring to New Heights

From one Gold award in 2020 to two Gold awards in 2021: Soaring to New Heights



We aren’t practicing the Fibonacci series. We are counting the laurels and international recognition our customers are earning from across the globe year on year.


Drum rolls…


Congratulations to our customers HDFC Life and LTI - Larsen & Toubro Infotech for winning the Gold award for Excellence in Talent Acquisition from the prestigious Brandon Hall group.

Brandon is like Oscar in the HR world. Winning a Brandon is similar to finding your brand listed in a Gartner or Forrester’s magic quadrant.


We win when our customers win. And, our customers win big!


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Aug 20 is the date we look forward to at RippleHire. Last year, the same time our customer Mphasis won Gold Award for excellence in talent acquisition from the prestigious Brandon Hall Group. It was our first international award.


Inspired and motivated, we went ahead and submitted two nominations - stories of impact from HDFC Life and LTI under the same category (Excellence in social talent acquisition strategy) this year. The webinar started at 10.00 PM IST. Entire team has logged in and are glued to the screen paying sharp attention to capture the moment when talent acquisition awards are announced.


The moments towards 12.00 AM on the D-day were nerve wracking. We were growing anxious and finding ways to fight our sleepiness as it was half past midnight in India :). Generally, talent acquisition awards are announced towards the fag end of the webinar.


A question popped up in our internal group. Who do you think will win? Loaded question - Will it be a TA strategy that drove amazing retention or a TA strategy that delivered super joining ratio's?


Someone quipped - Are you asking me who is smarter? Mom or Dad. Well, the world was going to decide. And, in all this, the mind plays tricks. What if neither won? Gosh! The whole world and teams are watching online.

We took a deep breath and remembered last year's victory. Gold last year was special. And, this year both teams worked insanely hard.


As the clock strolled past midnight....both LTI and HDFC Life won. And, both won GOLD :-). Two gold medals. One for an amazing retention strategy. Another for delivering super offer to joining ratios.


We were screaming, hooting and jumping out of joy. Needless to say the emotion and the swamp of congratulatory messages that were flowing through our whatsapp channels. It was a moment of belief translating to actions and impact. We lived our day.


Oh yes, we promptly froze the moment!!




HDFC LIFE builds a data driven sourcing engine on social media using its workforce, resulting in 44% contribution to hires


HDFC Life had one key goal while partnering with RippleHire -- Build a sourcing engine on top of referrals. This has been one of the focused interventions in correcting the source mix and a key agenda as a part of social talent acquisition strategy. The organization wanted to leverage the collective voice of its employees to be brand ambassadors of HDFC Life and refer their friends and families at work.




Kudos to HDFC Life for winning the Gold award for Excellence in Talent Acquisition from the prestigious Brandon Hall group. 




“We are privileged to partner with a team that is ambitious in its vision, audacious in their goals and awesome in its execution. This has been a partnership of hiring quality talent that is excited to join and stay. A journey from good to great. A big shout out to team HDFC Life,” Sudarsan Ravi, Founder & CEO, RippleHire.


L&T Infotech improves offer to joining ratio by 12% using gamified referrals


Every chaos presents an opportunity. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic made hiring extremely tough. LTI used the lull in hiring to focus on key long-term projects that would have greater impact on the top line, bottom line and boldly drive the organization into the future. They turned their attention towards MyRefer, the employee referral program in partnership with RippleHire.




Kudos to LTI - Larsen & Toubro Infotech for winning the Gold award for Excellence in Talent Acquisition from the prestigious Brandon Hall Group




“We are privileged to partner with a team like LTI that is fearless, hustles against all odds and delivers strong business outcomes. We have witnessed the 4 year journey of building a vibrant referral brand that delivers 12% better joining ratios and directly impacts topline. A big shout out to the LTI team,” Sudarsan Ravi, Founder & CEO, RippleHire.


Must have arsenal in every TA leader’s armory



The Brandon Hall award entries were evaluated by a panel of veteran, independent, independent senior industry experts, Brandon Hall Group analysts, and executives based upon the following criteria: fit the need, design of the program, functionality, innovation, and overall measurable benefits.


“Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards in 2021 provide much-needed and well deserved
recognition to organizations that went above and beyond to support their
stakeholders during the unprecedented disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Brandon Hall Group COO and leader of the HCM Excellence Awards Program Rachel Cooke. “The awards provide validation of best practices in all areas of HCM at a time
when they have never been more important to employers, employees and customers.”


“We added several awards categories this year to specifically address critical needs, including how organizations addressed the new dynamics of work and embedded the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion in their HCM practices,” Brandon Hall Group CEO Mike Cooke said. “Winning organizations in all categories demonstrated a people centric approach while driving superior business results under challenging and unprecedented conditions. Demonstrating HCM’s impact on the business is what sets our awards apart.”


About Brandon Hall Group


Brandon Hall Group operates the largest and longest running awards program in Human
Capital Management. As an independent HCM research and analyst firm they conduct
studies in Learning and Development, Talent Management, Leadership Development,
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Talent Acquisition and HR/Workforce Management. These
benchmark studies help organizations by providing strategic insights for executives and
practitioners responsible for growth and business results.


Coupling the research studies with the best practice from the awards, Brandon Hall
Group has helped more than 10,000 clients globally and more than 28 years of
delivering world-class research and advisory. At the core of our offerings is a
membership program that combines research, benchmarking and unlimited access to
data and analysts. Membership enables executives and practitioners to make the right
decisions about people, processes, and systems, coalesced with analyst advisory
services which aim to put the research into action in a way that is practical and efficient.


Brandon Hall Group has also launched professional certifications for business and
human capital management professionals to upskill themselves and gain credentials for
career advancement. (


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