Persistence — Amazes you with success

Persistence — Amazes you with success

Are you willing to persist? If yes! You are in to witness amazing results. To everyone out there, read it aloud, “Persistence is the quality of trying for something continuously or continuing to do something even when it is difficult or opposed by other people.”


Don’t give up! If all the employees and employers know the essence of not quitting, they are deemed winners. Remember life throws you under the wheels only if you give up. No matter how hard it gets, a persistent person will always stand up even if they fall.


Being persistent rewards success always to those who fear not to uphold this virtue.


“As long as there’s breath in You–Persist!”, persisted Bernard Kelvin Clive. On the other side, Bjorn Borg acclaims persistence to be his greatest point as he has a never-give-up attitude. 


Let’s look at the job roles that need persistence the most.


Doctors, every doctor will persist to revive a patient’s life even when all ends of hope are lost.


Teachers strive day in and day out sharing their knowledge and transforming the lives of many students. It’s an act of sheer persistence.


Artists, any form of art, be it dancing, singing, acting, or painting, the person gives it all and the audience applause is the only acknowledgment they crave for, for their persistent efforts.


Scientists, during the pandemic, how many scientists are slogging every minute to study the viruses and their mutations. Not only in the field of medicine, but scientists in other domains also contribute to major discoveries in the world. It is only persistence that keeps them going amidst several research failures.


Financial Analysts, dealing with other people’s money isn’t that simple. This job is accountable in every sense and persistent professionals can only handle the pressure that this position may unfold.


Sales Representatives, the people in sales jobs are more persistent compared to all others in any profession. People in sales can push their limits and can be perennially persistent.


Though the aforementioned job roles are generic, as a recruiter you need to look for persistent employees to fit in any job roles in your organization. Only candidates with this attribute will bring success, not only to their individual careers but success to the organization.


What should you look for in a resume to source persistent candidates?



Look for candidates with a drive to be competitive, need for accomplishment, and highly optimistic. Know the difference, just being optimistic during the interview process and the sense to accomplish greater things ahead of them fading away after being offered the job.


True hunter

As a recruiter, you are a ‘true hunter’ yourself and you will recognize people like you faster. The candidates with the true hunter attitude will do everything to get a person, project, or task completed. They will be behind their goal and would only settle down after achieving the specific goal.



The candidates with a ‘go-getter’ attribute are ever willing to learn and there is no end to their learning curve. These people are always motivated and energetic to learn and stay up to date with the technologies and current affairs. Go-getters are a clan of smart workers and they will easily identify like-minded people from their social circles. Moreover, they are a bunch of determined minds with a never-failing attitude to reap the rewards of success.


Inner Confidence

Candidates with inner confidence will always be persistent. The sense of who they are allows them to continue without being affected by what others think or say about them. They never give room for unnecessary prejudices, more so, they care less about being appreciated or understood by fellow being around them. Be assured candidates with inner confidence are the great picks that outshine courage and determination.


Burning Desire

Many candidates that you will come across daily will have a burning desire to be acknowledged for the person they are, for the skills they learned, or for their genius minds. They need a job to showcase their talents, an opportunity to soothe their burning desires. This type of candidate will have the inner energy and the intensity to keep going even through the tough times.


To hire a candidate with persistence, you can ask these questions:


  1. What is that one thing that you obsessively love doing in your job?
  2. Could you explain something that would be complicated to me, but you know well?
  3. Your biggest decision ever and why was this decision the most crucial to you?
  4. How would you call yourself, accountable or responsible?
  5. What is the goal that took longer to achieve and why do you think it took so long to achieve this goal?
  6. Is there a formula to success? If so, what is your success formula?
  7. Are you aware of the recent trends in your industry?
  8. What is easier, being resilient or persistent?
  9. What excites you to come to work every day?
  10. What do you think your ex-colleagues will say about you when you are not around?


Feel free to add more questions to this list and inspire us with stories of persistence at your workplace.

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