How it Works


Job Campaign

Collaborate with fellow recruiters
& create job campaigns.
Push jobs into the employee


Social Referral Game

Run friendly contests.
Motivate and Engage Employees
Leverage your employees'
social media connections with
super engaging game mechanics


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For All Stakeholders

Reduce hiring cost.
Distribute wealth within
your organization.
Build positive brand

7 Beliefs behind RippleHire

    • Employees Referrals
      are the best way to hire.

    • Research shows that
      Game mechanics can drive
      the desired behavior

    • Efficiency is all about
      keeping things simple

    • Technology adoption must
      be painless

    • Unlock the power in your
      employees' social networks

    • Measuring ROI is critical
      to smart decision making

    • Recruiters are excellent

    • See RippleHire in Action!

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