6 Strategic Benefits of a Dedicated Employee Referral Platform

6 Strategic Benefits of a Dedicated Employee Referral Platform

Let’s say you are offering lucrative benefits to the current employees who refer their friends and acquaintances. You are regularly running campaigns and creating hype. Your employee engagement is good and your relationship with existing employees is cordial. You have an excellent recruiting team and an efficient recruitment process. You even send attractively designed emails to catch the employee’s attention, so that they actually click on that employee referral program email.

Then why are your employee referral programs failing?

After all, you have covered all bases, right? Well, not quite! Read on to discover what you are missing and how to be successful with your referral programs.


Why Do You Need a Dedicated Employee Referral Platform?


Actually, most employees don’t have enough awareness about the employee referral programs that are run. When seen from the employee’s point of view, do they really know that there is an ongoing referral program, and more importantly, how it works?

The amount of time at the employee’s disposal is another major factor. If the process seems time-consuming and tedious, most employees would simply not have the bandwidth to get involved in an employee referral program. The benefits of participating simply fade away in contrast if the process seems overwhelming, and more importantly, disruptive.

So how can you overcome these challenges that cause employee referral programs to fail? The answer: by going for a high quality employee referral platform.


6 Benefits of Using an Employee Referral Platform

Here are the top strategic benefits of utilizing a dedicated employee referral platform. Read on to drive supremely successful employee referral programs.


Spreads timely awareness of the program and its benefits

You wouldn’t be surprised to know that a lot of employees don’t have the awareness of the true benefits of an ongoing employee referral program. This is because most of the communication happens via company email, pamphlets, and other announcements, and current employees might be just too preoccupied to read or hear these announcements in detail.


An employee referral platform solves this problem for you by automating these communications and even delivering them on the employee’s mobiles. If attractive benefits are communicated easily and in an attractive fashion, it will definitely employee participation in the referral programs.


Saves the participation time for the employees

Typically, employees are required to reply to emails with details of the referred candidates, and then constantly collaborate with the HR until the hiring decision is made. And if the referred candidate is not selected, which does happen quite a bit, the referring employees would feel that their time was wasted.

A great way to avoid this is to drive the program using an employee referral platform. When the employees are not required to go through a time-consuming to and fro process, they will be happy to participate and rake in those incentives.


Makes the employee referral process easy to follow

In addition to saving time, driving the referral program through an employee referral platform saves the mental energy for the referring employees as well. If the employee referral process is simple and easy to follow, even overburdened workers will not mind participating (assuming that the benefits of referring good candidates are lucrative).


Ensures sustained employee engagement

Employees who find it easy and time-saving to refer their friends and acquaintances to their organization, will be happier to be working there. Even if the referred candidate does not get selected, if the process itself was simple and hassle-free, the referring employees will not mind it so much, because it would have cost them very little time and energy. This will improve their satisfaction level with the company and the recruitment team as well.


Contributes to improving recruiter satisfaction

Perhaps one strategic benefit that stands out is that the recruiters themselves find the talent acquisition process much more rewarding. Most recruiters are simply overburdened with their day to day responsibilities. And if the employee referral program has to be managed manually, it can be overwhelming, because it would mean sending a lot more emails, spreading awareness, and executing the program. You can save your recruiters the trouble by going for an efficient employee referral platform.


Employee referral platforms are ultimately cost-efficient

When you consider the costs of hiring through an employee recruitment agency, referral programs are clear winners. But the trick to saving those costs without the additional hassle of managing recruitment internally is to have an efficient and automated system to manage internal recruitment measures such as employee referral programs.


Using an Employee Referral Platform for Efficient Hiring

Investing in a good employee referral platform will save you loads of time, and also quite a bit of recruitment costs. Because when you hire using an employee referral program, it’s a winner compared to external hiring strategies, such as going through recruitment agencies.

But knowing the benefits of using an employee referral platform is one thing, and deriving those benefits by putting the knowledge into action is another. And the best way to make the most out of an employee referral program is to invest in a high quality employee referral platform. Go for it, and be a talent acquisition superhero!

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