InMobi, based in India, is a global provider of enterprise platforms for marketers. The platform enables consumers to discover new products and services by providing contextual, relevant, and curated recommendations on mobile apps and devices. Their mobile-first platform allows brands, developers, and publishers to engage consumers through mobile advertising. Recognized among Fast Company's "2016's Most Innovative Companies in the world", InMobi reaches over 1.5 billion unique mobile devices worldwide. It has presence in 12 countries across 5 continents.



Inmobi competes with Facebook and Google in the war for talent. InMobi’s leadership is of the firm belief that building great companies requires top notch talent. With a clear focus on hiring top quality talent, one of the key questions was - How do we find the best passive talent? How do we convince them to join Inmobi? Can we build a compelling brand and have the best quality talent come work for us?

Top quality talent always enjoys working with quality talent. Given the wealth of talent within the organization, the HR/TA leadership team turned to their employees. Can we have our employees help hire great talent and build a brand where people exist?

Employee referrals are known as the best source to hire. It gives access to quality talent & delivers higher retention rates and requires a premium employee experience. For long, the talent acquisition team was managing the referrals through mailbox/excel with manual duplication checks & no centralized data, leading to various instances of multiple payouts and poor employee experience. In an urge to solve the problem, the team was looking out for a dedicated product which could help them solve the following objectives:

  • Hire top-quality talent
  • Hire through referrals since retention is best through the channel
  • Deliver a premium employee experience through gamification and experiential rewards
  • Increase employer branding among passive talent
  • Leverage the workforce to close hard to fill positions
  • Use the power of the workforce to penetrate social channels at scale



Our work culture creates an environment for people to move fast and break things. We had already implemented a lot of innovative processes in place but were struggling to measure the impact of our referral campaigns. RippleHire provided an easy, marketing tool for us to deliver, improve and showcase the success of our efforts

Namita Vyas,
Head of Talent Acquisition



The talent acquisition team of InMobi believed that “Great talent is always passive, therefore you need to tap into the most engaging and active channels to hire the best.” With social hiring gaining tremendous focus in recruitment, companies are on the lookout for the best tools to optimize their social hiring techniques. Now, potential candidates and job seekers look for the best jobs on social media platforms and job sites, rather than on company websites and in newspapers. We searched high and low and finally found what we were looking for – a perfect talent branding buddy in RippleHire. Inmobi partnered with RippleHire to transform its employee referral programs. The journey started with process automation of extant systems, to eventually capturing value with distinct employer branding.

Inmobi used the mailbox/excel combo before Ripplehire. The upgrade allowed centralization of the database and delivered a managed program with analytics based decision making. Recruiters, who previously ran floor walkthroughs soliciting referrals individually, now transitioned to crafting and executing a referral program marketing strategy. RippleHire was integrated seamlessly with their ATS - Greenhouse. This drove a completely automated referral program. including duplication checks that used to happen manually earlier.

HR, which often found instances of multiple payouts between referrals and agencies, now provided complete transparency in sourcing. Each referral was tracked right from the first step and an effective governance policy could be implemented. This contributed meaningfully to establishing a centralized talent database. To attract and engage high quality talent to contribute referrals, Inmobi came up with the idea of experiential rewards. Given the partnership between Inmobi and RIppleHire, the RippleHire team productised the feature making it easy to run contests effortlessly and deliver experiential rewards.



RippleHire is a well thought through product that makes referral hiring not only easy but exciting for employees. We have over 70% of our organization advocating jobs on Facebook, LinkedIn and WhatsApp helping us position InMobi as a destination of choice for passive talent. RippleHire has helped us engage a large population easily. We have introduced experiential rewards driving contributions for tough to hire positions. Our employees engage their friends and deliver a premium candidate experience helping us get the best talent in the market. We recently moved the Internal mobility program to RippleHire based on employee feedback. RippleHire team is responsive and their customer success manager works alongside my team in driving a successful program.

Kevin Freitas,
Head – Global Recruiting and rewards



Employee participation


Contribution in source mix


Increase in talent database


Reduction in junk


Saved in employer brand building


Saved per hire.


Increase in engagement within 1st quarter


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